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What happened?

Is there no longer support for Flex & Flash?

I'm not interested in using clunky crappy JS with its loose data type and shitty libraries for a large enterprise level application where Flex is faster and more suited for that type of development. Not to mention allows me to build out AIR for desktop and mobile.

Guess its time to find a new Mapping engine. 

Hi Gary,
Hi Gary, Sorry, but there is no further support for the Flash/Flex sdk. It is deprecated and there will be an announcement about it soon. There just weren't enough people using it to support its continuation.

Yeah that's true that there

Yeah that's true that there is no longer support for Flex & Flash! That is the sad true but anyway I will also look for new Mapping Engine.


The Flash Maps API is no
The Flash Maps API is no longer offered for download and there will be no new features implemented, but it will continue to function for users who have already integrated it until further notice.  We will provide more information about the future of the Flash Maps API as well as an associated timeline within the next few weeks.  

Thats really sad. I'm so sick

Thats really sad. I'm so sick of good technology being forced out for something like JavaScript. Any chance of the Flash SDK released for open source? 

There's a need for a Flash/Flex SDK for mobile as well as desktop AIR applications.

There has been talk about it
There has been talk about it but there is no plan at this time.