We're sorry but your browser is no longer compatible with MapQuest.com

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We're sorry but your browser is no longer compatible with MapQuest.com

Just started receiving this message when trying to use "Link To Mapquest" option or Just visiting the Mapquest.com website. I am using IE11 and have cleared IE history following the instructions on https://help.mapquest.com/section/200972494. Is there any fix for this?

Also the page opens fine in Firefox.

A test we did.

Colleague of mine could open mapquest.com fine on IE11 and turned on compatibility mode for Mapquest.com. tried to hit the site again and started reeiveing the same message above. We then turned of compatibility mode for Mapquest.com and removed it from the list of websites and he is still receiving the message above.

It appears to be redirecting us to http://classic.mapquest.com/ page when this message appears.

Need help with this as soon as possible.





The Developer Network and the
The Developer Network and the forum are for the developer tools that MapQuest provides. MapQuest.com support is available at https://help.mapquest.com/.

The MapQuest.com support team
The MapQuest.com support team suggests you can turn off your Compatibility View on your browser. To do this: 1. Navigate in Internet Explorer to the site for which you wish to turn off Compatibility View 2. Press the Alt key to bring up the top menu 3. Click the Tools menu, and then click on Compatibility View to remove the check Please let the help.mapquest.com team know if this does not solve the issue.