Is there still a way to access MapQuest Open data?

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Is there still a way to access MapQuest Open data?

So, like many of us, I discovered yesterday that direct access to http://otile{1|2|3|4} has been shut off.

I have an Android app using the Google Maps Android API, and I was using it to display MapQuest tiles. Is there a way to do this now? Also, can I still use the following servers:


Options for mapping are
Options for mapping are covered in this blog post. Direct access is no longer available.

Yes thanks, I already saw

Yes thanks, I already saw this post. But the servers I linked in my original post still work. Are we allowed to use them?

Also, can you confirm that even with a paid account, we will no longer be able to bulk download / store / cache (even for performance purposes???) MapQuest data, as written in the new TOS? Isn't this subject to change in a close future?

No, direct access to the
No, direct access to the tiles is not allowed.   Storing or caching data from the apis is against the new Terms & Conditions. This will not change in the foreseeable future.

OK, thanks for the answer.

OK, thanks for the answer.

Don't take it bad, but it completely sucks :/ . MapQuest moved from an open platform allowing a great liberty, to a clone of MapBox (well in fact, seems like MapBox allows caching from waht I just saw in their TOS, so it is even worse). And this without contacting developpers, breaking hundreds of softwares. I understand that you need to make money, but still, bad days for mapping! And I don't understand the "no storing / caching" stuff. What's the point of MapBox vs Google Maps then (I only talk about tiles, not the other APIs)? And caching would reduce the load for your servers...

Anyway, thanks for the years of freedom, now we can just hope that OSM won't follow your footsteps :(

On a more positive note, I like your new map design, and I the new satellite imagery, covering the whole world, is great. Makes me feel even more bittersweet, though... Having those tile sets available like before would have been awesome.

Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks for the feedback. Since the tile urls did not include a key or any other identifier, users were not able to be notified. There were users who complained that appear to have never even signed up for any MapQuest account until they started swearing at us. Unfortunately it wasn't a simple situation to address. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You should have just added a

You should have just added a small message to the bottom of each tile. That way the tiles would still be mostly usuable until we (the developers) could update our apps. Completely replacing the tiles was a very bad decision. You're not the only one with users swearing at you right now.

Yes I understand that it

Yes I understand that it wouldn't have been simple. Checking the user-agent strings used in the tile requests using a regex detecting e-mail addresses may have produced some results though. Well, it would at least have provided my e-mail ^^.

Again, thanks for the answers.

Thanks for the suggestions
Thanks for the suggestions for handling the change better next time.

Java access to MapQuest Tiles

I have been using the Java swingx-ws library to access openstreetmap MapQuest data from a Java Swing application. The JXMapKit class needs a TileFactory subclass that accesses a tile URL as a function of x, y, and zoom. I have overridden TileFactoryInfo.getTileUrl(int x, int y, int zoom) with
"" + z + "/" + x + "/" + y + ".png"

where z = 17 - zoom . I can easily append "?key=MAP_QUEST_KEY" here but it appears that you don't allow access to the tile URLS at all. The static map API does not allow access by x, y but only by center lat long. I have a MapQuest key. How do I show a MapQuest map from a Java Swing program? 




MapQuest does not provide a
MapQuest does not provide a Java based mapping api. Direct access to tiles is no longer supported. You can use the Android, iOS, static map or Leaflet plugin for MapQuest maps.