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Static Map Street Names

I am new to the Map Community so please bear with me a bit ... I am simply doing static maps for print so I need as much detail and resolution as possible. I've tested with a number of different zoom and size values and with the @2x on and off. I've found the right zoom level for the street locations and size for the area that I require BUT when I get the amount of area that I need the street names become so small that they are not reabable unless you use a magnifying glass or the lower part of bi-focals. Is there a way of keeping the size area of the map stable but increasing the size of the Street Names only by a factor of say 1.5 or even 2? I realize that some of them might run over into other areas outside of the actual street but I would rather have that then not being able to read the street name at all.

Thank you for whatever help can be provided.

D. Sweet


Unfortunately, there is no
Unfortunately, there is no customization of the static maps. You may be able to customize the MapQuest-GL.js maps, but those are a different animal since they're not an easy to print single file.