Specific address - quality code issue?

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Specific address - quality code issue?

Hello - we use MapQuest distance calculation to determine payment rate for clients.  If the address we send to MapQuest cannot be found/is too ambiguous, we display that in our system (if an X is passed as part of the Quality Code from MapQuest API, then we show that the distance calculation is not available.)

Recently one of the addresses we sent received a Quality Code of "P1BCB" but when searching for the address in the MapQuest UI, it is not found: instead, about 10 possible addresses with different zip codes, street addresses, etc, are found.

1.  we need to know which of the 10ish addresses is being selected by MapQuest when sending this address info in the API:
10 Oak Circle
Whitfield, MS 39193

2.  We need to know why this did not return a Quality code that contained an X.

We need to report back to our client ASAP so please let me know the turnaround time to receiving an answer.


10 Oak Circle, Whitfield, MS
10 Oak Circle, Whitfield, MS 39193 is not a USPS valid address. Since it does not seem to be a valid address, the geocoder is returning results that are close. Since it does not know what the address should be, there is no way to say which is the correct address. The ambiguous results can be presented to the user as options if the input is coming from a live user. If the input is coming from a process or a data source, then the chosen location depends on what the application design is looking for. The application can choose which location, if any, depending on the quality code.   An X in the quality code usually means a component of the address was not provided. You can plug in the quality code here to see exactly what each character represents.

Thanks for the response.  It

Thanks for the response.  It sounds like I may need to find out what our code is doing in order to figure out which address was chosen?  Is there nothing in the API that would choose the top address automatically in a scenario like this?

As for the Xs, I think my company may have misinterpreted that.  I was under the impression that an X meant that MapQuest was not confident in the address.  Maybe we need to filter out results with "C" in them...

The maxResults parameter will
The maxResults parameter will limit the number of locations returned. Either way, the highest ranking quality code is returned in the first position. You can see all of the geocode api parameters here.