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Search API: Place Search with categories


I formatted test requests for restaurants, hotels etc. (with corresponding NAICS codes) in San Francisco center but got always empty results (response 200, no error)


There are obviously a lot of such POIs there: what's wrong?

(a query phrase with 'starbucks' instead of these categories returns 20 results :

Try these sic codes for
Try these sic codes for Starbucks: 581228F52 or coffee shops: 581228.

Thanks but I'm lost!

Thanks but I'm lost!

581228 desn't exist according to but I indeed got 'cafe' results for 581228

I'm mostly interested in restaurants, hotels etc.
I tried all NAICS codes 72xxxx (Accommodation and Food Services), only 721199 ('All Other Traveler Accommodation') returns results

What is the right code for restaurants?
What is the right NAICS code source to use for the Mapquest API?


I understand now that, although the doc clearly mentions "six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes", it doesn't correspond to the codes listed in 
It seems the list to use is