Radius Search - question on Drive Minutes as units argument

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Radius Search - question on Drive Minutes as units argument

Per the documentation at:


The "units" argument can accept "dmin" (Drive Minutes) as a value; per the docs - this argument "Sorts the results by shortest driving time (calculated as an actual driving route)."

Can you expand on the definition?  Is it essentially equivalent to an "Optimized Route" call via the Directions API?  And thus includes the logic noted in the "realTime" field - particularly including real time traffic conditions (where available) and historical traffic conditions?

As a sidebar / product enhancement request- for the Search API and the various search types (e.g., the Radius search) - it would be of great value if we could receive multiple units in the response (e.g.,the distance (m or km), the walking minutes, drive minutes, and drive distance (m or km) - all in the repsonse), but perhaps have the ordering of the result set based on the input unit.


Ordering search results by
Ordering search results by drive time and drive distance does use a route matrix in the background. That's how the route matrix was born. The matrix is a simplified route and does not include traffic. It is only math based on the distance and speed limit of the chosen path.   I will forward the enhancement request on to the team.   Thanks for the suggestion!

The Search API seems to use

The Search API seems to use this parameter in a way which I think is misleading. The search itself is actually carried out using straight-line miles; the distance on each POI is then converted to (for example) drive miles and the list is sorted. 

This has caused problems for us. We have a hosted data set with custom POIs. If we do a drive mile search in a Hawaii zip code (for example), the search first pulls up the POIs which are closest by straight line miles. In calculcating drive miles for each POI, Mapquest realizes that you can't actually drive to POIs on a different island, and so it assigns these POIs a distance of 0. When the sorted list is returned, the POIs which display first are all of the ones on other islands, with distances of 0 -- and every single one of these is actually further away than the POI at the bottom of the list, with a positive distance!

It would be nice if Mapquest could actually perform the search using the specified units. It would also be nice, when a drive or walking unit is specified, if Mapquest omitted from the result set any POIs that can't actually be walked or driven to.


Thanks for the enhancement
Thanks for the enhancement request. I'm forwarding this on to the product team.