Pricing model for Android App

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Pricing model for Android App

Hi, I’m developing and Android App that, in one of its functionalities, requires reverse geocoding.

The Pricing Plans are based on the number of transactions per month. 

Android Apps revenues come as a one time or periodic payment. 

How can I make sure that the revenues pay for the cost of the user app generated transactions? 

How is it possible to match the two business models? 

I just want to understand how do Android developers ensure that an App gets enough revenues to pay for the monthly fee when the developer does not know in advance how many transactions the users of the app will generate or how often will they use the app.


The APIs and the plan don't
The APIs and the plan don't know about Android vs any other user or how much each user of the apps use. The APIs and plan only know how many transactions each account has used. So the app will need to determine how much use of the APIs vs paid use of the application to determine the appropriate app price point. Unfortunately, we can't help determine the app usage - only transaction usage.