OpenStreetMaps with Leaflet vs. monthly transactions limit

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OpenStreetMaps with Leaflet vs. monthly transactions limit

This transaction limit got me by surprise. Please help, because it's possible that I need to do something very quickly.

My Plan page says:
Free - 15,000 transactions/month
This plan will renew on September 2, 2016

My non-commercial website is using Leaflet to show OpenStreetMap based maps for users. No geocoding, routing or such just displaying maps and markers with leaflet.
Here's the api that I have been using:
<script src=""></script>

Can someone please tell me what will happen if my usage exceeds the number of 15000 transactions per month.

Will my map display requests be blocked so that I can't go over the limit? Do I need to renew my plan on Semptember 2 and change to a paid plan that includes enough transactions?

If the number of transactions
If the number of transactions goes beyond 15000 by the 2nd of the month then the maps will fail. The number resets every month on the purchase date: in this case the 2nd. You can see how many transactions you've used in the Keys & Reporting area. If needed, you can purchase more transactions in the Pricing & Plans page.