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Sorry to post a new topic, I couldn't find a search feature in the forum.

Is it no longer possible to use MapQuest tiles with Openlayers even when using a key? Does this mean current customers need to switch to a new tile server?



I second that

No information on how to use the new developer plan with Openlayers????

There is no plugin for
There is no plugin for OpenLayers like there is one for Leaflet. Unfortunately, there is no direct access via OpenLayers, Leaflet, or any other mapping tools.


This seems a bit shortsighted.. 

I can understand MQ wanting to charge for access to the services, but the costs associated with moving older openlayers based websites to the new API makes it a non-starter, especially when most other services offer some sort of tile server access.




Yep! if that's the situation then time to change tile provider - bye bye Mapquest.

I would also argue that by having their own dev environment they're not exactly providing much value added and are therefore not sticking to the creative commons license - perhaps OpenstreetMap should say bye bye to Mapquest as well and revoke their use?

Angus King
Bye Bye Mapquest

Agree with your comments entirely.
Anyone had any success making

Anyone had any success making OpenLayers work with the new license / key thing ?

Since MapQuest does not
Since MapQuest does not provide an OpenLayers plugin and there is no direct tile access, there is no method to use the MapQuest tiles in OpenLayers at this time.


In my application i need to do determine/calculate the distance and possible routes and transportation options for a given origin location and one or more destinations. 

Anybody have any suggestion> I am sorry I am not sure is this forum is correct for this post. appreciate your help

I suggest starting with the
I suggest starting with the directions api. Depending on how you want the route and options displayed, take a look at the mapping sdks too.

So MapQuest is no longer

So MapQuest is no longer accessible via the QuickMapServices plugin, right?


If QuickMapServices uses
If QuickMapServices uses direct tile access, no, it's no longer available. But if it uses any of the tools mentioned in this blog post it should be good to go.
I am also giving a shout out

I am also giving a shout out for Openlayers. Was stopping by to compare the pricing for a MapQuest as an optional base layer, but doesnt matter if we cant use it.



static maps api, so code from mostly works.  mapquest's size is W,H instead of WxH though.

I'm using the below.  Still OL2 - I haven't had the chance to use OL3 yet.

  var o = {
    singleTile: true,
    ratio: 1,
    isBaseLayer: true,
    wrapDateLine: true,
    getURL: function() {
      var center ='EPSG:3857', 'EPSG:4326'),
        size =;
      return [
        this.url, '&center=',, ',', center.lon,
        '&zoom=',, '&size=', size.w, ',', size.h

  var u = '' + key;

  layers['mapquest-hybrid'] = new OpenLayers.Layer.Grid('Hybrid', u + '&type=hyb', null, o);
  layers['mapquest-satellite'] = new OpenLayers.Layer.Grid('Satellite', u + '&type=sat', null, o);
  layers['mapquest-map'] = new OpenLayers.Layer.Grid('Street', u + '&type=map', null, o);