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Marker Limit

I'm using PHP to generate a GET request to the Static Map API. I can get around 300 markers to appear on a map but no more. If I use the default marker color (black) I can get more markers but I need to have different color markers. Since I'm not limited by a browser's URL limitation, what is the limitation for a programatic GET request?

I'm looking for a Static Image mapping API that allows for unlimited markers on a high resolution map. Does such a thing even exist? I could use POST to get around any GET limit, but apparently the MapQuest API does not support POST.

300+ markers on the map is
300+ markers on the map is not a common use case. Can you tell us about your use case and maybe we can come up with better methods? Are you printing, broadcasting, saving?

I have a similar question.

I have a similar question. What are the limits for markers for static maps GET api? My use case is to build a static map of current network devices down in a state. Could be from zero to 2000.

The limit would be imposed by
The limit would be imposed by the urlĀ length rather than the api. I'm guessing 2000 markers would be beyond most browser urlĀ length limits.