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 Thursday, November 18, '16

Dear Sir:

         I am a novice to this. However, tonight I was on line, attempting to open '', and was continually being sent to ''. No matter how I proceeded, I was redirected every time. While trying to get directions from 'Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 4, Phoenix AZ' to '1811 Oaklawn Dr, Prescott, AZ 863005', I noticed on  the last leg of the trip was incorrect. 

        I proceeded to 'send feedback' in order to correct this. Today, it is still not fixed and I know no way to amend the map. Nor do I know how to amend the written directions. What do you suggest I do? Having company arrive this Tuesday from Florida, I need to be able to FAX the correct driving directions to my holiday company when they arrive in Phoenix on Tuesday. Am I on the correct WEBSITE to attain help?


                                                                                 Barbara Ecker






You have malware: http://www