MapQuestJS 1.3 Marker Clusters - usage limits

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MapQuestJS 1.3 Marker Clusters - usage limits

Are there any limitations on using the Marker Clusters as per the example here:

We have a large number of Projects that Marketing would like to show on a map and would like the behaviour that Clusters demonstrates.

At the moment we have 300 Projects where we know the actual address, which we would need to translate into Lat/Long stored in our system if we were to use Clusters (I know that there is a limit of 100 location per Geocoding API, so we would get the Lat/Long when we store the Address, which would also reducce the load on displaying the our location maps)

Potentially we have almost 4000 projects that we might want to map, although I suspect that we would want to show a lot less than that.


Batch Geocoding limits

Having looked at the Terms and Conditions to see if there is anything there about using Clusters I see that they prohibit storage of Latitude and Longitude data from the Geocoding API.

So that means that we need to use the Geocoding API for get the Lat/Long for each point that we need to display.

Is there any guidance on how many requests we can make to the Geocoding API? I'm trying to get a feel on whether we can use MapQuest for what we want...

You can use the batch geocode

You can use the batch geocode API to geocode up to 100 addresses per request. As you mention, those can be displayed but not saved.


Each address geocoded is going to count a transaction. A batch geocode with 50 addresses is going to count 50 geocode transactions. Your key is limited to the number of transactions for the plan you've purchased. The initial free plan is limited to 15,000 transactions. Other, bigger plans are available. If none of those plans fit, you can contact an account manager with the Contact Us link in the upper right.

Brian thank's fot the reply.

Brian thank's fot the reply. I'm not so concerned about the costs (althought thank you for confirming that if we include all 5000 jobs that will put a dent in our usage), More that the geocode API implies that the limit is there to avoid "spamming" the geocode servers.

What's the position on "session" storage? i.e. First query to the Geocode API for a user gets Lat/Long for all projects. These are saved in memory. The user then filters the results to map a subset without making further requests to the Geocode API? The data is then destroyed when they navigate away from the page.

That use case sounds like it
That use case sounds like it's within the spirit of the T&Cs.