MapQuest open tiles being discontinued?

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MapQuest open tiles being discontinued?

I have just read the MapQuest blog post about changes to open tile access - - please can you confirm if this means tiles accessed via with no API key will no longer be available after July 11th ?

We use these map tiles in a couple of places so we need to know if these will be affected.





Yes, tiles at those urls will
Yes, tiles at those urls will stop working July 11th. You can use the Leaflet plugin, static map api, or either of the mobile sdks for mapping.

Thanks for the update - one

Thanks for the update - one more question, is it possible to get the same tiles as currently available from MQCDN.COM/TILES but via a paid account?

The main roads, for example, on the open tiles are much clearer than they are on the standard MapQuest tiles.





Only the documented styles
Only the documented styles will be available. You can see them here.

Thanks - final question - if

Thanks - final question - if the maps are to be hosted behind a "logged in" section of a website (ie it is not publically available, only available to logged in users), does this have an effect on which pricing plan we need to use? 




The Terms & Conditions says a
The Terms & Conditions says a "Customer shall not charge end-users a fee to access a MapQuest Service that would generally be freely available to users of MapQuest’s consumer services". As long as the application is within that you should be good to go.

Mapquest Satellite map server

Will the new ToS also the satellite tile access?



RE: Mapquest Satellite map server
Yes, any tiles that have been directly accessed at the servers will be decommissioned on July 11th.  Those satellite tiles will not be available via direct access after this date.

mapquest open tiles with key

How can i retrieve tiles with my appkey?

What' s the form of the url?





RE: mapquest open tiles with key
Direct access to tiles will no longer be available.  You will still have access to the maps, using a key, from these product offerings:

I have a webapp that uses

I have a webapp that uses openlayers to access MapQuest tiles. Does this mean that, even with an appkey, openlayers won't with MapQuest anymore? Thanks.

Hi guys

Hi guys



I can understand that you didn't have a way of contacting everyone using tiles to warn them. But- hey you've got our attention now by breaking our sites! Please can you put back these tiles temporarily so we can work on updating our software to your new system. I am sure I am not the only person whose business is being threatened now that the maps are no longer working.






I used to use this URL for

I used to use this URL for open tiles...  but this is now discontinued.

What is the new URL request for the equivalent tiles using the static maps service with an API key?

radar tile

I don't understand tech talk. I just want access to my radar again. Can someone tell me how to get it back. It keeps us safe many times.

Some notice would have been nice

I have received e-mails about this in the past, but did not receive one for this. Please email us in advance! Now I'm scrambling to change our software.

It is sad there is

It is sad there is practically NO documentation of guidance from MapQuest (except links to new plans) whatsoever (at least for leaflet plugin) HOW to port the previous functionality (decomissioned on Jul 11) to the new syntax, once we obtain the keys. I second the question already asked in this forum: "HOW TO RE-ENABLE PREVIOUS CODE TO USE NEWLY OBTAINED KEYS", i.e. how the new URL (where previous URL was e.g. http://[s]] will look like? Help would be very much appreciated!

There is no method to re
There is no method to re-enable direct tile access. That was the change on July 11 - no more direct tile access. The available forms of mapping are described above. Sorry, there is no way to get around the "no direct tile access" rules.   To use the Leaflet plugin, include the MapQuest tile plugin in the JavaScript includes ( and change the direct tile layer creation with the MapQuest tile layer code (MQ.mapLayer()) as shown in the user guide.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

The lack of documentation from MapQuest means we will be switching all of our clients to a different provider. Them opening their sites to the blank tile with info background was too much without any warning (or at least we sure didn't get a heads up). It wouldn't be such an issue if there had been any effort put into doscumentation for those who needed to switch after the cut-off. Plenty of other options out there!


I created an account just to post this btw.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish #2

You have broken my code and not provided a way to proceed at any price. Shame on you. 

The old MapQuest tiles are still the best mapping tiles on this planet and I would have happily paid a subscription. Oh well. Good luck with your new business model.