Leaf Migration With Advanced Map Application using MapQuest

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Leaf Migration With Advanced Map Application using MapQuest

I am a senior developer and over the past three years we have created a full page map application where the actual map covers the entire page.  We have multiple dialog boxes and controls that exist inside of the map page and make extensive use of the tile, point and manipulation built into the MapQuest Javascript API.  Without providing any proprietary information here is a basic overview of the application:

All of the dialogs are JQuery dialogs embeded in the map page.


<custom dialog1>Manipulates that map by generating points based on data requested</custom dialog1>

<custom dialog2>Returns closets points for assets using multple drop downs and other controls</custom dialog2>

<custom dialog3>Returns a location based on a search from within the dialog</custom dialog3>

<custom dialog4>Allows for viewing and creating custom geofence shapes using the JavaScript API</custom dialog4>


I'm already seeing cases where the UI is not responding as expected.  I need to know if the upcoming July 11, 2016 deadline will kill this page or I will need to make changes to the page for it to continuing functioning.  Managements understanding is that this is a licensing issue, which is fine however I've seen existing new development code stop responding the JQuery event etc and just want to make sure there is nothing that will break either now or on July 11, 2016


The MapQuest JavaScript sdk
The MapQuest JavaScript sdk will continue to work until June 2018. The first 3 dialogs above look like they specify a set of pois/markers to put on the map. The fourth dialog uses drawing tools. These are all functions available already in Leaflet. There are marker, drawing, and jQuery UI autocomplete examples in the Developer Network here.