Inconsistent geocoding results returned for same address.

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Inconsistent geocoding results returned for same address.

The following address has returned different results:

16452 Sea Lark Rd, Houston, TX 77062

We called the API 3 times, and the following was returned:

16452 SEA LARK RD,HOUSTON,TX,77062,HARRIS,29.557393,-95.124482,P1AAA,10/01/2019 08:57:23 PM
16452 SEA LARK RD,HOUSTON,TX,77062,HARRIS COUNTY,29.758938,-95.367697,A5XAB,10/04/2019 02:13:26 PM
16452 SEA LARK RD,HOUSTON,TX,77062,HARRIS,29.557393,-95.124482,P1AAA,10/04/2019 02:27:12 PM

The second entry returned a CITY level quality and the County, while the same one, is fully spelled out.  We have business rules specifically around the quality of the coordinates, and this affects coverage offerings based on confidence of the location.

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Are you still seeing this
Are you still seeing this inconsistency? I haven't been able to reproduce it yet. It could have been a hiccup and resolved itself.

Inconsistent geocoding results

Hi Brian,

We are still seeing the problem.  Here are some other examples.

1214 Althea Dr,Houston,TX,77018,HARRIS,29.825114,-95.430165,POINT,P1AAA,10/8/2019
1214 Althea Dr,Houston,TX,77018,HARRIS COUNTY,29.825827,-95.43708,STREET,B1XAA,10/4/2019
102 HOLIDAY LN,RIVER VALE,NJ,07675,BERGEN,41.007219,-74.018335,POINT,P1AAA,9/26/2019
102 HOLIDAY LN,RIVER VALE,NJ,07675,BERGEN COUNTY,41.007009,-74.018257,STREET,B1CAA,9/26/2019
1128 HAYE RD,FRIENDSWOOD,TX,77546,GALVESTON COUNTY,29.5294,-95.201045,CITY,A5XAX,10/4/2019
1128 HAYE RD,FRIENDSWOOD,TX,77546,GALVESTON,29.503037,-95.157125,POINT,P1AAA,10/4/2019


I have 63 addresses that over

I have 63 addresses that over the last three weeks have returned different geocoding results.

Where, geographically, do
Where, geographically, do these requests originate? I'd like to test a specific data center to see if there is an instance that is out of sync.

Requests are originating from

Requests are originating from Azure East US.

The operations team found a
The operations team found a db in the east data center that was not well and has corrected it. Hopefully, that resolves the issue here.