How can I remove incorrect listing of my business from Mapquest

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How can I remove incorrect listing of my business from Mapquest


My business has been added twice to mapquet, once correctly and once with the business name incorrect.  I have sent several requests by the service ticket method to have the duplicate taken down, but have only received an autoresponse that mapquest is receiving higher than normal volume of requests at the moment. 

The page with my business incorrecly listed on mapquest directs me to Yext in order to claim the business so I can have control over the business listing's name via a purchase of software.  I was planning on buying the software and changing the name, but Yext says they cannot register Canadians.  Yext directed me to YP Canada (Yellow Pages Canada), but a scan of the listings they control shows they only have the listing of my business which has the business name correctly entered.

I was hoping someone could help me get this sorted out, or let me know how long I should wait for maquest support to contact me.


Thank you

It sounds like you've already
It sounds like you've already made the correct connections and, yes, there is a long queue of business issues. This can take the team a week or so to get back to you.