HIGH 5 TEST - how to add my strengths test company to your map?

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HIGH 5 TEST - how to add my strengths test company to your map?

How can I add my company to your map?
I was trying to create my own map with this description:

What are my strengths test you could try? Definitely HIGH5 strengths test. HIGH5 believes that people should take ownership of assessing themselves. After all, it is for their own personal development.

The thing is, every individual is different and we all function differently based on our personalities. It is important to know yourself and your capacities.

Your strengths are things you can leverage on, things you can use to push yourself further.

On the other hand, your weaknesses are not your downfall. These are areas you need to improve on. It is not something you lack. It is something you need to develop and build.

In order to leverage your strengths and improve on your weaknesses, you first need to know them.

It’s not unusual for people to compare themselves with others around them, and to feel superior or inferior towards them based on their strengths and their weaknesses.

I already created my own key and downloaded API. It seems that I can add every existing business, but not the new one. Is that possible?

You can add a business to the
You can add a business to the MapQuest.com listings by going to help.mapquest.com and filling out the Add a New Business form.