Hidden request to mapquest

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Hidden request to mapquest

I noticed that when I am zooming and panning a leaflet map using MapQuest, a request is sent to www.mapquestapi.com



What is the purpose of this request?


The sdks will send small
The sdks will send small requests and count transactions as users change zoom levels and views. This is part of the sdks.



I'm seeing the same thing, and while it's perfectly understandable that the SDK does it, these show up as errors in the Firefox dev console:



Is there a way to avoid these errors? Is there something wrong in my configuration?

What sdk is producing the
What sdk is producing the errors: MapQuest.js or the MapQuest Leaflet plugin v2?   What is the error?   If it's a http vs https error, make sure the protocol for the download matches the protocol for the requesting page.

Seems like the screenshot

Seems like the screenshot didn't go through properly. The error is:

XML Parsing Error: no root element found
Location: http://www.mapquestapi.com/logger/v1/transaction?transaction=log&rand=54... Line Number 1, Column 1:

I'm using MapQuest.js, pulled from

<script src="https://api.mqcdn.com/sdk/mapquest-js/v1.3.1/mapquest.js"></script>

This is happening both on my local development machine (website running on HTTP) and on our test machine (website running on HTTPS).

Thanks for the information. I
Thanks for the information. I forwarded this on to the development team to assess.

not fixed


We are seeing the same error with firefox and mapquest js version 1.3.2, so it looks like the error has not been fixed.

Thank you.


While the SDK has been
While the SDK has been updated since this issue was noticed, the backing transaction counter has not. I believe the issue is that the response to the transaction request is blank and FireFox throws an error on the blank response. The request wasn't intended to have a functional response since all credential and configuration requests happen on the map instantiation. I'm forwarding this on to the team who is currently working on implementing a new SDK we hope to release later this year or early next year.