Geocoding in Stata

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Geocoding in Stata

Hi All, I am very new to geocoding in Stata, I typically use ArcMap but have some addresses that I do not have a shapefile with those streets in it, so need a different way to geocode those locations. I have no idea if I am missing code here or wrote something wrong or what but below is the code I have tried using after I import my data into Stata. Since many of the addresses are intersections I changed the & sign so it reads in as it needs to. 

replace addGeo = subinstr(addGeo," & ","%26", .)

geocodeopen in 1/10, key("myKeyHere") 
address(addGeo) state(state) zip(stop_zip)


When I run the above code I get filename.tmp not found. I have chagned my directory for temp files and I know there is pleanty of space in that drive. No new variables are created, but it runs through and says "MapQuest Open Geocoding 10 of 10" for the first 10 lines. 

If anyone knows where I am going wrong and could help I would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully I have provided enough ifno here, but I will reply with more if someone needs more info.


Thank you all in advance!



MapQuest does not support
MapQuest does not support Stata. You can probably contact the Stata support team for help.