Geocoding addresses - not working with full adresses (french, swiss)

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Geocoding addresses - not working with full adresses (french, swiss)

Hi everybody,
I hope you could help me.

I implemented the Mapquest Geocoding API to add markers on a OpenStreetMap (helping people trying to connect to talk about grieving).
The basic idea is that people are adding their address in their account, and then the marker appear on the map. Globally it's well working. But it's not working with the full (french or swiss) adress.

Link of the API used ( )

Link to the (under construction) website : (all in french only, feel free to create a new account, I haven't yet worked on security and checks)

So the problem is that if I had an adresse style : Switzerland,Geneva,1206,7,Bertrand -> it works perfectly

But in our countries the correct address would be : Switzerland,Geneva,1206,7,avenue,Bertrand -> with only the "avenue" added, it doesn't work anymore (the lat and lng given are the "default" one, as it doesn't find anything)

I didn't find the information : do I something wrong in the dealing of the input ? are there limit of information given ? should I filter the addresses ? Is there any solution ?

Thanks a lot !

Is that a Swiss address

Is that a Swiss address format?


I use Avenue Alfred Bertrand 7, Genève, 1206, CH and it seems to work as expected.