Geocode Quality Code Discrepancy

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Geocode Quality Code Discrepancy

The following address returns a different Quality Code when using the Lat/Lng Finder Tool vs. the API:

504 Hilltop Ln South Abington Township, PA 18411

Lat/Lng Finder Tool

Latitude: 41.497268, Longitude: -75.673949, Quality: P1AAA


We're using a 5-box address request

Latitude: 41.497268, Longitude: -75.673949, Quality: P1BBA

Even though the two return the same coordinates, the quality is different.  We have a business rule around the quality code that we use to determine our risk appetite.

Our servers are in Azure East

The single line address
The single line address parser is having issues with the address while the 5-box parser is not. Using the same address in single line format vs 5-box format in the geocode API will produce different results. I've forwarded this issue on to the development team to assess. Thanks for the heads-up.