Free and Open AppKey (Open Map Quest)

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Free and Open AppKey (Open Map Quest)


I have seen the infrastructure update on MapQuest website, but some page are still not found like to manage app-key.

Can I already generate a Free and Open AppKey and how ?

In May I have contacted MapQuest Technical Support to know if our map traffic was OK to use OpenMapQuest Tiles (and Leaflet Plug-in).

So I have an other question :

-Is there a new restriction about map traffic ? Knowing that my websites generate 200 000 maps maximum per day and it was validated by MapQuest Technical Support.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, The plans and the terms have changed since May. There are no more unlimited plans unless you're an Enterprise Edition user. You can see the plans available here.


realy save that map vrey useful for me. thank