extraCriteria in Get Table Data

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extraCriteria in Get Table Data

HI All,

Could someone clarify how to pass extraCriteria in Get Table Data

I have a simple table that has string column ID 
So my request is like this:
        "tableName": "...",
        "extraCriteria":"ID is '3494024000017156026'"

but i've got a response :

"The extra criteria \"ID is '3494024000017156026'\" is invalid"






The extraCriteria parameter

The extraCriteria parameter sets up the where clause and the parameters parameter (ugh...) holds the specific values you're looking for. Here is how I did it with the json format.


https://www.mapquestapi.com/datamanager/v2/get-table-data?key=KEY&json={"tableName": "mqap.KEY_Buildings","extraCriteria":"UPPER(\"ID\"::text) LIKE ?","parameters":["'349402402340902'"]}