External Icon Not Working

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External Icon Not Working

I'm trying to use an external icon on the V5 static map

If I use the icon shown in the examples it displays correctly - e.g.


If I try and use a non MapQuest external icon then no icon is displayed


To rule out any weird file format issues I've saved the example file https://assets.mapquestapi.com/icon/v2/marker@2x.png to my own space for testing

If I try an use the Icons API V2 https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/icons-api/v2/

Obviously the documented example works : https://assets.mapquestapi.com/icon/v2/external/https://assets.mapquesta...

However when I use my own icon


It simply says 

Unable to create icon. Check your parameters and try again.

There's only the one parameter so I don't understand what's going on - has anyone else any ideas?

Hmm, I've uploaded to S3 and

Hmm, I've uploaded to S3 and it now serves up okay.

My personal webspace (listed above) is HTTPS via Cloudflare, and the office webspace is encrypted with Let's Encrypt certificates.  Neither have restrictions of what can access.

I'm unable to hit https://kjs
I'm unable to hit https://kjs.me.uk/3rdparty/icon.png from my machine. I get a timeout.

I'm seeing the same issue

I'm seeing the same issue although moving the icons to S3 is not an option. Any ideas how to get external icons working?!

Can you post a map url that
Can you post a map url that is not working for you?



I have the same problem. I'm trying to use an external icon, using this URL: https://veratech.se/content/temp/hospital.png. But this does not work. I have no problem when im  using sample URL: https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/assets/img/apple-icon-152x1....

What am I missing? Please advice!

This has been forwarded on to
This has been forwarded on to the development team to investigate. Most icons work as expected but we're not sure why the veratech.se icon is not working yet.

I am also facing this issue.

I am also facing this issue. Wierd thing is that the icon file is located in different servers http://prelive.teooria.ee/images/overview/mk-end.png and http://teooria.ee/images/overview/mk-end.png. They both are visible if pasted into browser url, however mapquest cannot get the file located in "prelive" server. For testing im using:



Both are working for me. Are
Both are working for me. Are you still seeing an issue with the prelive version?