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Error 400


Im having an issue with the mapping and routing where occasionally I get a "Error processing route request:".

My route options are as follows:

    routeOptions = {
      start: startLatLng,
      end: endLatLng,
      waypoints: aryLatLng,
      optimizeWaypoints: true,
      options: {
        doReverseGeocode: false


and the mapquest call is made as follows:

L.mapquest.directions().route(routeOptions, function(err, response) {...

However, I intermittently get an error (in Chrome and IE) - the response object is as below, I have removed the lat/lng from response below, but the error is at the position that reads,"useTraffic":true,%, 

{"route":{"routeError":{"errorCode":0,"message":""}},"info":{"statuscode":400,"copyright":{"imageAltText":"© 2018 MapQuest, Inc.", "imageUrl":"","text":"© 2018 MapQuest, Inc."}, "messages":["Error processing route request: ","Error parsing JSON from Request: Expected a ':' after a key at character 2407 of {"locations":[]},"options":{"shapeFormat":"cmp6","timeType":1,"useTraffic":true,%, Please see the documentation for the Directions Service at for details on correctly formatting requests."]}}

The % seems to be the culprit - but I have no idea what is happening as this is after the call and the error is only in the response from the service.

Any help/guidance much appreciated!



Can you post the request

Can you post the request being made to the route api?


Is the useTraffic parameter set in the application code with the %?

Think its the proxy config!

I think this is actually a proxy config option on the network that is limiting the request length to 2407 chars - and hence truncating the GET request.

Many thanks!



You're welcome.
You're welcome.