Direct tile access with keys

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Direct tile access with keys

I am the developer of MapHub ( and the requirement of the Leaflet plugin means that I cannot simply access the tiles from a tileserver, but only if using the Leaflet plugin. My problem is that since I provide access to a lot of providers, I cannot load a Leaflet plugin for each of them.

Thus, it would be really important to implement a method which allows loading tiles without requiring a plugin.


Bill Moreland
Simplified Tile Access

I concur with zsero - instead of majors changes to code in place it would be much simpler to hit the tiles using the new Plan/KEY. I completely support MapQuest in this change, we're just struggling with having to change so much code on the fly.

I agree. My entire

I agree. My entire application was built with Open Layers 3, and to continue using MapQuest I will have to rebuild it with Leaflet. Please provide an alternate solution!

Same issue here, would be

Same issue here, would be great to just have to good old tiles back with the new API key.

Even more awesome would be an unlimited plan for open source projects!

Thanks anyway for the awesome map, would love to continue using them.

Direct tile access please

I have a similar issue:

My application requires STIG compliance. Because of this, we are not allowed to have clients access the CDN for the leaflet plugin javascript. Having the ability to place my API key in our calls for tiles directly in the URL would allow us to continue to use MapQuest. Unless the leaflet plugin is available for source download. 

Unfortunately, there is no
Unfortunately, there is no direct tile access anymore - Leaflet, OpenLayers, or otherwise. Details about what tools are available from MapQuest are included in this blog post.

Is there a set date for when

Is there a set date for when the direct tiles access will completely halt ?

Direct tile access was
Direct tile access was removed on July 11, 2016. Mapping is currently available through the MapQuest plugins for Leaflet, static map api, and the Android and iOS sdks.