Different results for identical search on mapquest.com vs API

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Different results for identical search on mapquest.com vs API


When I search for "Plant Foundry Nursery & Store 3500 Broadway Sacramento, California 95817" on mapquest.com, I get the result I'm looking for.


However, when I try the same query with the Place Search API, I get no results (I replaced my key with KEY_GOES_HERE in the URL below)



What am I doing wrong with the API? Why is there no result?


Thank you!



Ok, I found that the mapquest

Ok, I found that the mapquest.com site is able to handle the business name input of "Plant Foundry Nursery & Store" and correctly find the same business named a bit differently: "The Plant Foundry"

The API doesn't match the same way. Is there a call I can make that will fuzzy match the same way?


The base search on MapQuest
The base search on MapQuest.com will not match the api search. There are too many data sets that are not licensed for api use. The Place Search is the closest match and is what the MapQuest.com search is based on. Hope that clears up any confusion.

Thanks, yeah that is helpful

Thanks, yeah that is helpful to know. The problem is that business names aren't consistent. For example, sometimes a business owner will append an "LLC" to their biz name, sometimes not. If you search mapquest with the "LLC", there won't be any results. Another example is the one I linked in my first post (mqId:364085068). The word "Nursery" is mispelled in the mapquest data set, "The Plant Foundry Nursesry & Store". 

So it'd be nice if mapquest performed a bit more of a fuzzy match on biz names. 

Thanks for the feedback. I'm
Thanks for the feedback. I'm forwarding this on to the development team to consider in future releases.