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Developer limit

I created an app today but when I try to make a request to the Elevation API I am getting the error message response:

"Exceeded developer limit configuration -

Is Developer Suspended - true"


What does this mean?

We're working on updating
We're working on updating this message, as it is certainly confusing -- it means that your account has reached the number of monthly transactions included with your plan.   You can create multiple keys, but usage on each key will count toward the overall number of transactions included with your monthly plan.
Sorry, are you talking about

Sorry, are you talking about service?

One query counts as one transaction?

Beacuse in that case 15.000 elevation queries per months, are not enought for my needs.

And business plans is really expensive. If we compare the Business+ 800$/month plan to Google API, it has about 4x the price of Google (and much more then other cheaper services)

I took a look to OpenMap/MapQuest one year ago planning to use it later, and in my notes I wrote that there were no quota limits. Had I imagined that, or there has been a change in quota calculation?

Thanks in advance,


There was a recent change in
There was a recent change in plans and the free plan includes 15000 transactions per month. Each request to the elevation api is one transaction.
Thanks for the fast answer.

Thanks for the fast answer.

I've imagined that, because my old password and my old ApiKey were no more valid.

Anyway, I suggest you to reconsider price/plan/quota, at least for elevation API. You have off-market prices, and, at least on my experience, it costs more then what a free (ads-supported) website or mobile App could earn using that service.

It is not a criticism, only a suggestion.


Thanks for the information
Thanks for the information and suggestion. I will forward this on to the team.