delayFromTypical and delayFromFreeFlow values

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delayFromTypical and delayFromFreeFlow values

I just signed up for the traffic API and have been doing some testing against the Denver metro area.

I noticed the "delayFromTypical" and "delayFromFreeFlow" values seem to always be zero, for example in this query:{API_KEY}&boundingBox=39.950960,-105.259451,39.528562,-104.710135&filters=construction,incidents,congestion&inFormat=kvp&outFormat=json

The documentation does say those values will be zero if not supplied by the traffic provider. Is that what's happening in this case? I was kind of surprised because in an area the size of Denver I would've expected to see some non-zero values.

If the traffic provider really doesn't provide that delay information, is there a good way on my end to determine how bad an area really is? On your map interface you color-code areas yellow or red to indicate the degree of impact from congestion, etc. Can I do something similar using the "severity" value I get back? Is that essentially what severity indicates?

The values of these
The values of these parameters should be coming directly from the data provider but we're getting zeroes. The team is looking into this. Thanks for the information.   Severity is separate from the flow color or delay. It does not indicate any speed, but would give a general indication of the delay the incident is causing.