Data Manager Upload Issue

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Data Manager Upload Issue

Hi ,

am unable to upload data to my data table. Am trying to do by HttpRequest my JSON is like below.

{"clientId": "MyClientID","password": "MyPassWord","tableName": "mqap.Kgn5TtxZfjEPs1vEYdGu1II2v9bLWHoA_.Student","append": true,"rows": [[{"name": "mqap_name","value": "Rajendar",},{"name": "mqap_quality","value": "1"},{"name": "mqap_geography","value": "abc123"},{"name": "mqap_ID","value": "1"} ]]}


but am getting below Error

{"append":true,"returnResults":false,"totalRows":0,"tableName":"mqap.Kgn5TtxZfjEPs1vEYdGu1II2v9bLWHoA_.Student","tableSize":{"raw":0,"readable":"0 bytes"},"failureCount":1,"rowCount":0,"info":{"statusCode":0,"copyright":{"text":"© 2016 MapQuest, Inc.","imageUrl":"","imageAltText":"© 2016 MapQuest, Inc."},"messages":[]}}

Any one help on this.

The mqap columns that were
The mqap columns that were created by the data manager api should not be filled by the upload request. Leave those for the data manager to fill in. The mqap_geography value is filled in by text in the address column types (street, city, state, etc) being filled in with addresses or lat/lng.