Corridor Search for POI not working in the UK

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Corridor Search for POI not working in the UK

I am using a sessionID to try and search for all POI along a route in the UK. I have been able to do this using a route in New York (with the max 500 results) by appending the following query parameter to my URL:

.appendQueryParameter("hostedData", "mqap.ntpois")

This parameter also works for the UK but as expected I don't get any results as I am using the table for North America. I assumed I am supposed to use:

.appendQueryParameter("hostedData", "mqap.internationalpois")

instead for the rest of the world but if I do my query times out. I am using the Android SDK.

So I changed "hostedData" to "hostedDataList" which is the correct request parameter according to the corridor search API. The API then returns one POI result which is "Old Trafford" with a sic group code "Landmark" on a route that passes right through the middle of Manchester from Lancashire down to the Peak District. Surely this is not the only POI.

To get the result for Old Trafford my URL is:

Does anyone understand how I can fetch all POI along a route in the UK given a session ID?


Try reducing the maxMatches,
Try reducing the maxMatches, unless the application actually presents 500 results to the user. I got 50 results, slowly, but successfully.