Construction/Incidents not showing up

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Construction/Incidents not showing up


I am creating a static map and am trying to display construction and incidents.  I have made sure to place my static map in an area that has construction but the items never show up on my static maps.  I have taken out the narrative, lat/longs, and key but everything else is how the URL shows up.  The URL shows up and the flow is shown on the maps but the incidents and construction never do.  I have verified on that the construction items show up for my area.  Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


Joe B|cons|inc&size=600,750&banner=NARRATIVE INFORMATION|sm-bottom&type=hyb&locations=LAT1,LONG1|marker-lg-red-4||LAT2,LONG2|marker-lg-red-5||

Thanks for the heads up. I
Thanks for the heads up. I forwarded this on to the development team to investigate.