Billing information and invoices

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Billing information and invoices


We just signed up for a Plus plan but the Billing form and sent invoices are somewhat broken.

* It seems I can't change the billing email address using the form: after submit, the original email is still set.

* The invoice amount doesn't have a currency symbol: it reads "199" where it should be "$199"

* We are located in France and the form asks for a US state, which breaks the address: "Paris, AL 75002 FR", where it should read "Paris, 75002 FR" (AL stands for Alabama). No big deal, but it would be better if the form only ask for a state if the selected country is the US.

Thanks you very much for the great service, feel free to ask me anything if you need any information about those issues.


Thanks for the information
Thanks for the information Nicolas. I'm forwarding this on to the team to assess.