API buggy? Status page?

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API buggy? Status page?

Running some tests tonight, and every second or third request to the DataManager API is returning the HTML for https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/ instead of the expected JSON. Since I can literally send the same request several times in a row and see this behavior, this seems to be a problem on the MapQuest side, rather than a defective request payload.

Is there something going on with the API?

I see a forum post from 2015 that says, "We do not offer an endpoint, however, we are working on an API Status Page that allows users to sign up for e-mail notifications so that they can be notified when the operational status of an API changes." A response from 2018 says that there is still no status page. Has there been any progress in this area? Any way to find out about outages, or even to notify MapQuest when something is going on (other than posting here)?

There is an intermittent
There is an intermittent issue that the operations team is investigating. There are only a few users being affected by the issue so no general announcement has been made.   There is no system health page yet. It's on the roadmap but not in the near future.