Ability to zoom more levels

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Ability to zoom more levels

In the Static Map API Web Service it would be helpful to have a zoom control overlaying the map, similar to the zoom control on MapQuest.com

MapQuest.js is what you are looking for
That functionality is available on MapQuest.js. The Static Map API is meant to be used to generate maps that aren't interactive. https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/mapquest-js/v1.2/l-mapquest...

So "static" wasn't referring

So "static" wasn't referring to what happens to socks in the dryer?
Thank you! I am now integrated with MapQuest.js.

<dadjoke>You might be shocked
<dadjoke>You might be shocked by how hot the maps are, but otherwise they have nothing in common with socks in the drier.</dadjoke>