Reverse Optimized Route / Time Frames

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Reverse Optimized Route / Time Frames

When using the optimized routes, I've noticed that most of the time it routes in the most traffic for our area.  Is there a way to "reverse" the route?

Also - when routing for time based service stops, is there a way to enter the time window with the stop (e.g. 8a - 12p), and the optimized route takes those variables into account when creating the route?

The routes are taking traffic
The routes are taking traffic into consideration in North America. Traffic is not being used outside of the US and Canada.   See the date/time routing documentation for more details.

Reverse Optimized Route

I also would like an option to reverse the optimized route. In my testing I've found that the API doesn't bring you to the closest stop first, which is what has been requested by some of our customers in the field. It seems like the algorithm uses the closest location for the last stop before the end location.

Any information on how the optimized route algorithm works would be appreciated.

The optimized route will
The optimized route will reorder waypoints between the origin and destination. The origin and destination are kept in their place and can not be reordered. The waypoints are reordered as appropriate for the most optimized route.