API fetched incorrect coordinates for address:

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API fetched incorrect coordinates for address:


I am a software engineer at Asher Group. We use the mapquest geocoding webservice api quite a lot. We queried the api on Sep 21 at 04:05:57 for address 3300 Monroe Ave, 14618. But the response from the api was incorrect, it gave us the coordinates 39.78373, -100.445882 (which is in Kansas I think ) whereas it usually gives 43.103379, -77.53878 ( which is in Rochester, New York ).

Getting an incorrect response of that magnitude can result in bad things for our application. 

I hope you look into it and get back to me.


Thanks and have a great day. 


Srikant Ayengar

I have not been able to
I have not been able to reproduce the KS result for that address. Have you seen this happen since that incident?

Nope. It only happpened once

Nope. It only happpened once in say 20 times that day. But it also means that it could happen again and could potentially distort results for our application. 

Any updates on this ? You

Any updates on this ? You could probably better the system by retrying for coordinates ( or something like that ) by verifying again if the result coordinates are in the same city/state as the input, isn't it ? 

There is no update. We still
There is no update. We still have not been able to recreate the issue. If you can provide the specific url that produced the error on a regular basis we can investigate.

Same issue, please fix it.

We have the same issue, looks like this lat/long combination can be returned by mistake for any address

Address "3 High Point Circle, Chappaqua, NY 10514"

Request URL http://open.mapquestapi.com/geocoding/v1/address?maxResults=1&thumbMaps=false&key=KEY&location=3+High+point+Circle%2C+Chappaqua%2C+NY+10514


{"info":{"statuscode":0,"copyright":{"text":"\u00A9 2015 MapQuest, Inc.","imageUrl":"http://api.mqcdn.com/res/mqlogo.gif","imageAltText":"\u00A9 2015 MapQuest, Inc."},"messages":[]},"options":{"maxResults":1,"thumbMaps":false,"ignoreLatLngInput":false},"results":[{"providedLocation":{"location":"3 High point Circle, Chappaqua, NY 10514"},"locations":[{"street":"","adminArea6":"","adminArea6Type":"Neighborhood","adminArea5":"","adminArea5Type":"City","adminArea4":"","adminArea4Type":"County","adminArea3":"","adminArea3Type":"State","adminArea1":"US","adminArea1Type":"Country","postalCode":"","geocodeQualityCode":"A1XXX","geocodeQuality":"COUNTRY","dragPoint":false,"sideOfStreet":"N","linkId":"0","unknownInput":"","type":"s","latLng":{"lat":39.78373,"lng":-100.445882},"displayLatLng":{"lat":39.78373,"lng":-100.445882}}]}]}


Please take a look, address does not matter for this issue http://screencast.com/t/MLGjoQfJOxEv

OpenStreetMap data
Your requests to the open.mapquestapi.com domain are using the crowd-sourced data from the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project.  The results you are getting from the open data indicates that no one has added those addresses to the OSM datasets yet. If you are familiar with the correct locations for these addreses (or know someone who does), you can particiate in OSM community by adding this data to their system.  The tools for updating the crowd-sourced data can be found at http://www.openstreetmap.org/ Thank you, Dennis  



No response

We experiencd another problem. We did not recive a response for following request:


It occured at:

2016-03-16 05:05:59       and
2016-03-16 07:05:59 

Could you please invetigate this on your side and inform us ?


RE: No response
I'm sorry.  The Open API is a free service that does not include a service level agreement (SLA).  We will support the Open API to return the service to working status should it experience a complete outage, but a couple of dropped requests is not an issue that we could invest any resources into investigating.

Incorrect co-ordinates returned for any Zip

For any ZIP code incorrect co-ordinates are returned from today. This was working fine this morning. Please take a look immediately as this is happening in all our environments invluding production. 



There was an issue with the
There was an issue with the admin area data set in the east data center that would have returned incorrect results for postal codes.